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Dr. Rakkar brings medical knowledge of an experienced doctor and sailing experience to the seminar. Prepare to improve your medical skills and deal with difficult situations. You can leave with enough medical knowledge to deal with difficult medical problems. An optional medical bag is available for those who wish to purchase it (see products and registration). Seminar locations and dates are indicated on the Registration page.

Upcoming Events

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Day 1

8.45-9am: Welcome
9-10.30am: Lectures, part 1: Medical Illnesses, including: allergic reactions, bites, pneumonia/heart attack, chest pain… what do you need in a medical bag? etc.
10.30am-11am: Inspection of medical bag
11am-12midday: Lectures, part 2: abdominal pain, sea sickness, diabetes etc.
12midday-1:15pm: Lunch
1.15-2.15pm: Practica
2.15-4.00pm: Lecture 1: Orthopedics
4.00pm-5pm: Practica
5-6pm: Questions and Answers.
6pm: Adjourn

Day 2

9-10am: Lecture 2: Miscellaneous medical/orthopedic problems
10am: Practica
11am: Scenario 1, Demonstration
12midday-1.15pm: Lunch
1.15-2.15pm: Scenario 2, Demonstration
2.15-3.15pm: Miscellaneous issues including eye, dental problems
3.15-4.15: Practica
4.15-6pm: Questions and Answers. Exam 30 mins. Certificates issued to passing candidates (minimum score 80%).
6pm: Adjourn

Skin Laceration Repair Demonstration

The training is practical, hands-on. We don’t just do lectures: we set up training stations with practical demonstrations. We use mannequins to make sure that students get hands on practice. Mannequins we use are (subject to change):

Ear: Ear infections/injuries. We will use a videoscope for the class to see what each student is looking at in the ear.
Enlarged eye: Eye injuries, numbing, removal of foreign objects.
Male anatomy: Catheterize a patient for prostate problems
Shoulder anatomy: injuries, shoulder dislocation.
Mouth: practice tooth injuries, crown falls out, filling issues.


Skin laceration: practice how to deal with lacerations.
Ear lavage: clean out the ear canal from wax and infection.
Sterile prep: get an area ready for suturing or other work.
Medication station: go through the various medications that are available.
Orthopedics: go through splint applications, including moulded fibreglass.
Medications. Available only to seminar attendees

Each student will go through dealing with at least one emergency. The emphasis is on what to do in a practical way. Testing: Certificates are issued to candidates who pass an exam with a minimum score of 80% and show aptitude. Certificate may be presented to insurance companies for a possible discount. Candidates may be required to purchase a medical textbook (this is not included in the seminar fee).

We do not do a slide or powerpoint presentation. This is because most likely a textbook will be your only available resource on a boat or in the wilderness. Once again, the emphasis is that the treatment is as a good Samaritan because no medical help is readily available.

Candidates who do  not pass will be allowed to attend another seminar event at no charge, subject to availability. We do not do a CPR course as there are plenty of good courses run in most cities.

It should be obvious that this is not simply a first aid course. We will also compare our medical bags with others so that you can see why ours are superior.

Training: lacerations, plastic skin, stapler and medical glue
Training: orthopedic supplies including splints, supplies, fiberglass splint, ace wraps/spints
Training: male catheterization
Training: medications, dental problems
Training: mannequin... diagnosing eye problems
mannequin... dental problems
Medications. Available only to seminar attendees
Medical Bag, Coastal

Training and discussion on the following:

Treatment of general illnesses: Infections, food poisoning, sea sickness, malaria, allergic reactions, sunburn, vomiting, diarrhea, prostate problems, diabetes, convulsions, vaccinations etc.

Emergencies: heart attacks, pneumonias, abdominal pain, near drowning, hypothermia.

Injuries: broken bones, lacerations, foreign bodies in the eye/ear, dislocations of joints, fractures, catheterizations.

Use of medications, medical kit, splinting, bandaging, fluids, anesthesia, sterile fields...

Ear mannequin

Training Material & Mannequin Demonstration

We also sell two types of medical bags at the seminar if attendees wish to purchase them. Please see Products/registration page.

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