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Are you a sailor who will be going offshore or an explorer going to a remote place? Then book your place at the best and most practical medical course there is.  You can also purchase already prepared medical bags.

It is meant to be an emergency service for sailors, campers or wilderness adventurers when no medical help is available.

Dr. Rakkar is based in Dallas, Texas and conducts the seminars in the Dallas area. Two kinds of medical bags are sold. Medications are as added as a courtesy at no charge, by prescription, to  course attendees. Our medical bags are the most comprehensive available.

You may also ask Dr Rakkar to be a medical consultant for your voyage or for occasional use through our “miscelaneous” services.

Upcoming Events

Our Process

We Listen

Dr. Steve Rakkar M.D. will hear out your personal sailing history/experience to tailor his message specifically to you.

We Think

This seminar has been well thought out and is tailored to provide you and your group with hand-on training that’s practical and actually fun.


At the seminar you’ll have the option to purchase a medical gear bag with contents in excess of over $3,000 for a fraction of the price it would cost individually.

We Sail

Dr. Steve Rakkar M.D. is captaining a sailing trip in March 2020 and there’s simply no better way to get real experience at sea.

Atlantic Voyage

Galveston to Europe 2020, Atlantic crossing

Steve Rakkar M.D. is captaining an Atlantic crossing from Galveston to England in March 2020. It is on board a 1988 Valiant 40 ft. cutter rigged yacht, ALMA, which has recently been fitted out….


Our Story & Inspiration

A few years ago I was a student as crew on a trip from Hawaii to San Francisco. I was on the sailing yacht Alaska Eagle. We spent a lot of time discussing problems at sea and I was the only doctor on board. One of the crew members told me an interesting story. They had been on a voyage in French Polynesia and it was about a 10 day passage. The age of the crew varied from 30s to 70s. After setting off, a few days later, one of the crew members developed abdominal discomfort. He was around 60 years old. It turned out that he had an enlarged prostate and he had obstruction of urine flow from his prostate issues. Each hour his abdominal discomfort got worse, his bladder got bigger, until he was in agony about 6 hrs later. He obviously had a very enlarged bladder and it was turning into a medical emergency as he was writhing around in agony.

The boat had to eventually change direction and go to the closest medical facility. When they arrived there a medical professional had to catheterize him and relieve the intense discomfort he was in. It was instant relief, of course. The diversion cost everybody a lot of time, ruined the trip, and the crews’ flights were missed. You can imagine the mess and the cost.

All the crew needed was a medical course, some basic training, and a medical kit which was well thought out. This is one of the reasons I was inspired to hold a weekend course on medical basics. Also, I think it is essential to have the proper medical supplies on board. The commercially available “medical kits” are not up to the task. A crew member could have catheterized the crew member. Many patients are catheterized by their spouses, and some even practice self catheterization.

Even a lay person may be called upon to do some medical work when there is no alternative. Sailors should seriously consider taking my courses/seminars.

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2 Day Sailing Medical Seminar

Dr. Steve Rakkar M.D. offers a hands-on approach to learn practical medical procedures sailors can perform off shore.

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